Munich may be best known for Oktoberferst, but Munich has more to offer than just beer. This Bavarian city has a grandeur and beauty to rival many European capitals with lakes and mountains on its doorstep, many historic buildings, excellent restaurants, bars and shops and, with more theatres and galleries than anywhere else in Germany, a very strong cultural flavour too.

Founded in 1158, Munich became the seat of the Wittelsbach dynasty in 1255, but for much of its history it was outclassed by the wealth and success of Augsburg and Nuremberg. Then, as the capital of the Kingdom of Bavaria, established by Napoleon in 1806, it witnessed a surge of construction as Ludwig I and his architect Leo von Klenze endowed it with the Neoclassical buildings and monuments that are enjoyed by visitors today.

After World War II, Munich quickly became Germany's international metropolis, the haunt of VIPs and the wealthy leisured classes. Today's visitors enjoy the glorious architecture, traditional and contemporary bars and restaurants and some of Europe's best shopping, and, of course, the beer! Whether in a historic Bierkeller, shady Biergarten or in a vast tent at the Oktoberfest, Munich's favourite tipple should not be missed.

There are frequent international flights into Munich airport which is about a 20 minute drive from the city centre. There are also regular bus and train services.


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