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The physiological effects of neuromuscular stimulation using the
ULTRATONE™ system:

The problem
Only 30 years ago it was believed that you can only lose weight by diet and conventional exercise. It was also thought that training only briefly increased the number of calories consumed, and as soon as the physical exercise stops, the metabolism returns to normal.

For many people it is hard to maintain a targeted training plan 3-4 times a week. It is also difficult for those who are not athletic to suddenly embark upon fitness training.

Most people think if you start exercising, weight problems will soon disappear, however the basal metabolic rate, which for many is far less than 1,800 K Cals, is easily exceeded with the modern diet, and can quickly lead to excess fat and obesity.

The solution
A sensible diet (with some diet products and supplements) coupled with active/passive exercise using the technology of the ULTRATONE™ system.

ULTRATONE™ uses revolutionary microtechnology to electrically stimulate the body's impulses which can be highly effective for fat reduction and/or muscle building, as well as for therapeutic treatments and pain management.

Following treatment, the action potential of the muscles can be increased by up to 80% (compared with 30/40% for conventional workouts). This leads to a huge consumption of glucose in muscle and in the blood, the energy reserves in the liver are attacked quickly.

The average reduction in waist circumference is 3-5 centimeters after 10 treatments. The technology of ULTRATONE™ makes muscle stimulation possible into the deep tissue and muscle layers resulting in muscle toning and tissue tightening with almost immediate measurable results.