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Manual Therapy Reflexology Manual Lymphatic Drainage ULTRATONE™


Manual lymphatic drainage was developed by Danish physiotherapists Vodder. During his work at an institute for physical therapy in the south of France (1928-1939), he observed that spa patients with chronic colds had often greatly swollen lymph nodes in the neck.

Vodder massaged the enlarged cervical lymph nodes of patients with careful turning and pumping movements and the patients health improved. Lymphatic drainage aims to restore the balance of the lymphatic system.

Function of the lymphatic system
The lymphatic system serves as the human body's own ”clearing system”. Every day the body creates 2 litres of lymph fluid from the tissue which carries away smaller particles such as metabolites and cellular debris. The lymph nodes act as 'filter stations' cleansing the lymph fluid.

Lymphatic drainage can help with:

  • Edema therapy
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Psychosomatic disorders, tension headache and migraine
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia and stress
  • Constipation, diarrhea, nervous stomach complaints
  • Cosmetic therapy